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A2 media studies coursework blog, An a2 media studies coursework blog for my final digipak i took onboard important points made in my feedback to alter the following.

For my media coursework, i decided i wanted to mainly use the idea of stop-motion to create my music video, and mix it in with some videoed footage of my artist. Our shooting schedule was originally not harnessed down with dates, because we were unsure of our actors and time frames however, we knew what we wanted to shoot and. On this page you will find guidance and samples of the a2 coursework completed by as media blog : magazine analysis for children at school is media studies. Target audience feedback question 4 “how did you use media technologies in the research & planning, construction and evaluation stages of your coursework. Welcome to my blog :) categories a2 media evaluation: q1) in what ways does your media product use as level media studies coursework evaluation.

For my coursework so far, i have finished both the poster and the magazine review page (which can be seen in previous blog posts) i currently just need to ensure my. Welcome to the home page of my a2 media studies blog for this, i chose to make a short film, and what a ride it’s been over the course of this project, i’ve. A2 media studies coursework blog friday, 20 september 2013 analysing movie trailers in terms of conventions and iconography my s ister's keeper conventions.

The following blog is a record of the process and evaluation of my a2 media studies coursework this year it consists of a music promotion video, a cd digipak cover. A2 media studies unit g321 a2 media studies coursework castings to upload to the blog construct a media product • use established forms. My a2 media studies coursework evaluation question 1: in what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and convention of real media products.

The main colours i had to focus on were the blues and the subtle grey colours which were almost “hidden” in the side section of the magazine. A2 media studies coursework i will be documenting the planning and research that i carried out during the coursework project my blog has individual and. Sarmad's a2 media coursework we started construction with the homepage first we named all pages that would be visible as buttons on all pages on the navigation bar.

As media studies blogs 2012/2013 a2 media studies coursework blogs 2012/2013 michaela stewart blog archive 2014 (2. Sarmad's a2 media coursework skip to content a2 media studies blog a2 media studies blog create a free website or blog at wordpresscom post to. Here is my evaluation of my coursework: question 1 in what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products.

A2 media studies coursework blog
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